Our Story & Ethos

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Our Story

The Path to Sankolo
Hi, I'm Shayla, the founder of Sankolo. I started Sankolo out of a passion for crafting clean, gentle, and effective beauty products using high-quality, raw ingredients.

Our products are free of toxic ingredients, including artificial dyes and artificial fragrances, that are too common in many mainstream beauty products.

As a beauty product lover and a nature lover, my mission is to create products that are not only effective, but also environmentally-friendly and ethically-priced. Sankolo is clean beauty, powered by nature, and rooted in self-care.

Our Name
After weeks of trying to think of the perfect name for my brand, I stumbled on the beautiful Bambara language while researching the country of Mali.

Our founder wrote down a few words with lovely meanings and pronunciations.     
Sankolo, which means sky or heaven, stuck out as the clear winner.


Sankolo Ethos

Sankolo believes in clean beauty that is free of toxic, harmful ingredients including artificial fragrances and artificial dyes.

We use high-quality, raw ingredients to craft our products. In addition, many of our ingredients are certified organic.

Our products are packaged in reusable glass bottles and shipped in recycled boxes with biodegradable "GreenWrap", recyclable kraft paper shred, and zero-waste, recyclable shipping labels. 

We are committed to less waste and do not include paper receipts or miscellaneous marketing materials with order shipments.

Our products are cruelty-free and only tested on humans every step of the way.  

We strive to price our products fairly and strongly believe that clean beauty products should be affordable and accessible to all.