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Our Story

Sankolo Founder Pic


The Path to Sankolo

Hi, I'm Shayla, the founder of Sankolo. I started Sankolo out of a passion for crafting clean, gentle, and effective beauty products using high-quality, raw ingredients.

Our products are free of toxic ingredients, including artificial dyes and artificial fragrances, that are too common in many mainstream beauty products.

As a beauty product lover and a nature lover, my mission is to create products that are not only effective, but also environmentally-friendly and ethically-priced. Sankolo is clean beauty, powered by nature, and rooted in self-care.

Our Name
After weeks of trying to think of the perfect name for my brand, I stumbled on the beautiful Bambara language while researching the country of Mali.

Our founder wrote down a few words with lovely meanings and pronunciations.     
Sankolo, which means sky or heaven, stuck out as the clear winner.